MATH 2283 Lecture 2: Chapter 2 Notes

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11 May 2017
Creating a Freq. Dist. Using Grouped Quantitative
Data (Histogram)
o Number of classes should ideally be between 4 and 20
One method to determine the number of classes is
2k n, where k = number of classes, n = number
of data points
once k is known, the width is found by:
Estimated class width = (Max data value
minimum data value)/k
o Round to whole number
Class boundaries the minimum and maximum values for each
o choose class boundaries that are easy to read
*Rules for Classes for Grouped Data*
1. Equal-size classes.
2. Mutually exclusive classes: class boundaries cannot
3. Include all data values.
4. Avoid empty classes.
5. Avoid open-ended classes: infinite.
Some data are technically discrete but displayed in a
continuous format
find more resources at
find more resources at
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