RCLS 2601 Lecture 3: RCLS 2601 – Spring 2017 Leisure and Change Notes

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East Carolina University
Recreation and Leisure Studies
RCLS 2601
Alison Murray

RCLS 2601 Spring 2017 Leisure and Change Notes 1. Leisure and change a. Women and leisure: historically constrained by family resources, kids, safety obligations i. Women feel empowered through outdoor activity (traditionally masc.) ii. One study suggested that women who vacation with their families rarely even feel any sort of release, rejuvenation, and other benefits associated with travel from their vacation because they are more tasked with planning and organizing leisure time iii. Title IX (1972): No person in the United States shl, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance. 1. Increased participation in education and sports for women b. Resistance through leisure occurs in: 1. Sports 2. Music 3. Movies c. Women, different races, and persons with disabilities have used leisure as a change agent d. Contact theory i. Suggests that the best way to improve relations among groups who have visible difference or experience conflict is to create a place for personal interaction ii. Some criteria have to be in place for this to work: 1. Equal status 2. Common goals 3. Intergroup cooperation 4. Support of authorities, law or customs 5. Personal interaction e. Socialcategorization theory i. We tend to categorize ourselves and those around them to determine if they fit in with others (Ingroup Outgroup) ii. We categorize people by: 1. Demographic variables 2. Religion 3. Political views
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