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Lecture 5

HST 241 Lecture 5: Old North Church

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Elon University
HST 241
James Bissett

Hannah Cheyney HST Notes January 14 , 2017 Old North Church Oldest standing church in Boston Christ church 7123 Still active church Unique seating: box pews common in old English churches Main purpose: show off wealth and social status Closed congregation for a while, had to buy pew Benefits to owning pew: could decorate Showed you have wealth Open congregation since 1912 Famous for April 18 1775: Boston under British occupation, gage: leader Ammunition in concord, sent his men to get it but sons of liberty found out and planned to inturrupt them (daws and Paul revere) Rode to Lexington and warned Hancock and Samuel Adams Revere devised backup plan w 30 riders, ordered leaders to look every night for signal for when British would leave Boston Diff amounts of lit lanterns meant different routes one land two sea Next morning when British troops arrived in Boston they found waiting militia (first shots of rev), surprised Downstairs: exclusively white Church: segregated Trying to tweak talk want to talk more about Slave owners would pay for pews upstairs for slaves
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