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Lecture 2

HST 241 Lecture 2: Liberty Bell & House of Reps & Other Topics

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Elon University
HST 241
James Bissett

Hannah Cheyney HST Notes Liberty Bell Bell is bought as state house bell Rings for important meetings Not on July 4 wouldve made the tower fall Took down after 2nd crack Used the word liberty in it as reason to end slavery, named liberty bell Assembly Room Government Council Chambers The assembly room Where they combined colonies against king July 1776 230 years ago new form of gov replaced confederation John Hancock or gw sat up front not Gov council chambers: o Ben Franklin: gov for a bit, his office, William penn in picture o Tool used for mapping out mason Dixon line House of Representatives House of Representatives Us congress Constitution is easier to write than it is to implement Meet here bout how, argue Hamilton wants to create first bank, argue here Jefferson doesnt want one bc it doesnt say In constitution to have one and doesnt trust gov Keep arguing Had to extend room bc wanted to keep it ik philly
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