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Lecture 14

HST 241 Lecture 14: Tyron's Palace

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Elon University
HST 241
James Bissett

Hannah Cheyney HST Notes Dr. Bissett Tyron Palace Goal: to like present and past Life in 18th century Palace, created 1770 William tryon sent here by king of Elon King wanted capital, impressive structure Many people were born here weakinging connection to England, more resentment about money goin to England New bern: huge international port Brought his architect and created original structure Capital moved to and burned down All property sold off as house lots 1955 donations reconstruction began Reopened 1959 George Washington came for parties No photographs Took succo off and saw original bricks:how it was reconstructed 1939: architectural plan discovered Tryon: here for 13 months, hated nc Tryons house in ny burned down and submitted inventory Butler: highest ranking general servant Best job in colony, gov tryon wouldve used English people Lib: private space Special books Tyron cadaloged his books, exact same ones 12 gentlemen who sit at table: appointed by king Huge portrait of king and queen Very well educated women April 18 1775: start of America rev No troops here so he sent his fam to ny?
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