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Lecture 12

HST 241 Lecture 12: Governor Tyron

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Elon University
HST 241
James Bissett

Hannah Cheyney HST Notes Dr. Bissett Governor Tyron Made his money in diff ways Went to prison wrote a letter got out wanted to go to sc start a new life but got caught in storm so went to party st New been and met girl (Ann) they had kids both had yellow fever and passed away leaving their kids orphans Oldest boy:15 John Stanley jr Went to school but they saved the house for him Pic of him in dining room Jc Stanley was born into slavery but his owners educated him so he had his own business once he was freed at 21 Got wealth through barber shop The 15 year olds half brother born from an affair Barber jack GW stayed here (in downstairs bedroom) Very upper class Crown molding Admit when they dont know stuff and assume stuff Corner lot: wealth Merchant tailor clothes All the rooms are on one side of the Building 1830s More American pieces George Dixon wife three kids 7 apprentices hes supporting Several enslaved people 5000 dollar loan for this house Morgages the house multiple times, ended up foreclosdure House sold to Henry heywood Eyes and face follow you bc of technique of portrait
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