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Communication Sciences and Disorders
David Shim

Class Notes: October 31, 2012 Common language = the terms (prejudice/discrimination) are interchangeable Prejudice = negative attitude held toward members of some identifiable social group Discrimination = negative action towards those individuals identified It is federally illegal to discriminate against sex, religion, creed, race, and ethnicity. However, sexual orientation and gender identity vary be state. Target Factors/Groups: Race, sex, class, religion, intelligence (or lack thereof), age, appearances (body size, shape, modifications), introverted/extroverted, clothing, occupation, sexuality, gender identity, ability (mental, physical). “Glass ceiling” – study done by the United States Department of Labor looking at management positions for women. From 1970 to 1990, women went from 16% to 40%, but only in middle management. In the highest positions (CEO, presidents, etc.), women went from 3% to 5%. Forms of Racism (Some Disguised)  token-ism = one person to represent a whole demographic  reverse discrimination = treat prejudice groups more favorably - benevolent sexism = sounds positive but still based on stereotypes  social creativity response = certain qualities that society values as an asset, oth
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