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Emerson College
Communication Sciences and Disorders
David Shim

Class Notes: November 7, 2012 Phillip Zimbardo = any kind of behavior comes from situation/role - converted basement into prison and assigned grad students to be prisoners and guards - was supposed to run a week, but had to be cut four days in - had to stop because prisoners were planning a prison break Authoritarian Personality  The “fascist” mindset  “Bipolar opposites” view of the works (black or white, no shades of gray)  No tolerance for ambiguity  Behavior: increased use of physical force, harsh, punitive, negative  Actually has a sense of inferiority, but has a psychological denial against it, also have a lot of ambivalence about many ideas  Project own negative views on another group How can prejudice harm?  Individual level = people who attach judgment to others miss out on opportunity  Societal level = prejudice and discrimination, if left uncheck, can lead to genocide  Perceptions of self and others = distorted, people may change aspect of themselves, even positive ones, if they are too much like the out group  Threats to self-esteem = prejudice/discrimination stays with you How is prejudice maintained?  Arrogance in power = pride is superiority to others  Segregation = keeping people apart impedes learning  Rationalization = group think of prejudiced people, normalizing own prejudice  Pettigrew (1979) & the Ultimate Attribution Error = the tendency to make more favorable and flattering attributions to one’s own group than to other groups (self-serving bias on a group level) How prejudice may be eradicated  Reality contact = chance for stereotypes to be broken from interaction - “Dominant
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