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Communication Sciences and Disorders
David Shim

Class Notes: November 28, 2012 Research and Clinical Findings  U.S. standards directly influence value systems in other countries (e.g. premarital sex)  Troubled relationships (e.g. patterns of behavior, divorce rates)  Contemporary couples and their issues (e.g. balancing jobs)  Seven common difficulties: boredom, negative interactions, jealousy, external elements (e.g. money), what you bring into the relationship (e.g. pain, unresolved issues), common difficulty In inner cities, children mature faster because of evolutionary fact that animals mature faster in tougher, more-stressful environments. Piaget’s “Personal Fable”/“Adolescent Ego-Centrality” = Because adolescents do not have much life experience, they feel that first experiences they have (e.g. first love) are unique to them and no one else has experienced them or anything like them Freud’s “Repetition Compulsion” = the tendency to repeat things that are problematic (drawn to similar problems to try to master them) Research on Relationships Among College Populations Hill, Rubin, & Pablow (1972) – “Break Ups Before Marriage”  Participants: 202 college student couples  Method:  45% of couples broke up after two years  What predicted longevity? - Similarities that were good predictors (e.g.
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