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Communication Sciences and Disorders
David Shim

Class Notes: December 5, 2012 Social Psychology Perspective  “Power of the Situation”  Attitudes don’t necessarily need to be changed  When to defy authority (and when to not)  Variations on the theme Solomon Asch  Interested in the role of “conformity” in this process  Essentially, we do things because other people do it  Classing conformity experiment - pitted group pressure against the person’s own senses (one subject in a room of stooges) Asch’s Observations  Effect of at least one true partner (easier to not conform)  If the partner jumps ship, the subject does too  Variation 1 – “Opposite Method” = everyone around the table being studied, but one stooge  Variation 2 – “Gross Errors” = if situation is clear, individuals will veer from group Social Influence in Work Settings – Cialdini  Rational persuasion = Logical arguments and facts  Inspirational appeal = Arouse enthusiasm based on strongly held values and ideas  Consultation = Including people’s input  Ingratiation = Get people in a good mood  Exchange = Exchange favors/stuff  Personal appeal = Compliance based on loyalty and friendship  Coalition building = Getting people to work better together  Legitimating = Influence by authority  Pressure = Demands, threats, intimidation Consultation techniques work better than coercion. PRO-SOCIAL BEHAVIOR AND ALTRUISM Pro-social behavior = behavior which benefits
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