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Communication Sciences and Disorders
David Shim

Social Psych – September 17, 2012 NOTES FROM SEPTEMBER 12 CONTINUED th Human cognitive propensity – comparing and contrasting, but only between two element (tend to avoid similarities unless asked) - three or more = descriptive idiosyncrasies We may recall people better based on created presumptions from unfamiliar people/situations than on actual facts and occurrences. Tribal mindset, hardwired reactions. Self-serving bias = maintain positive view of ourselves (automatic) - Optimistic bias – seeing self in a positive light - Over-confidence barrier – faith in one’s own judgments (e.g.: “planning fallacy” – undercompensating timing) Illusory correlation – perceived relationship between variables that may not exist (reputations) - perseverance effect – the keeping of prejudices (easier to be strengthened than broken) Cognitive behavior thinking Thought suppression – stopping thinking about certain thoughts or ideas Substance use – occasional usage of cognitive-altering activities/substances Substance abuse – maladaptive kinds of behavior adapted to an activity/substance (internal conflict, possible to seek intervention) Substance dependence – most of time engaged in acquisition, usage, and effect of activity/substance (forced in
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