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Lecture: Video Art

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Visual Media Arts
Brian Mc Neil

Video Art ● A type of art relying on video/audio data focused on moving art. ● Not to be confused with television or experimental film. ● When the Sony Portapak, video art comes about. ● Named after the video tape (which sets it apart from experimental film). ● Tapes are most commonly used in video art’s early years. ● As technology moves forward (DVD), video art moves forward with the still magnetic signals of video. ● The very first beginning of video art is considered in 1958 with Wolfgang Vostell. ● 1958: Wolfgang Vostell incorporates a television set into one of his works. Utilizing the image of the television in the Smauling Gallery in New York. First use of video in a gallery. ● Nam June Paik has first exhibition with manipulated television in 1963. Uses Portapak to shoot Pope Paul VI’s travel through the city. Goes and messes with tape in cafe that same day. ● Fred Forest also follows the use of the Portapak. ● Some argue that Andy Warhol started Undergroun
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