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Lecture 19

ANT 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Stutz Motor Company, Complex Cobordism, Code-Switching

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ANT 101
Nilsson- Stutz Liv

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Layan Ibrahim
Anthropology 101
Mon/Wed/Fri 10:00 10:50 am
Dr. Liv Nilsson Stutz
Wednesday, 4/04/18
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Culture and Language Acquisition:
Culture starts at birth
Learning a language is deeply connected to learning how to be a competent member of
The process of becoming a competent member of society is realized to a large extent
through language
All children become members of their social group
o The process of becoming a member of the social group, and a language user, is
culturally constructed
o The way we talk about things is culturally loaded
Language is socializing
o The way you change your way of speaking in different settings
E.g. You and your friends vs. you and your professor
Connecting with friends through jokes, informality, slang etc.
o A language changes the way you process things
o Code switching some words are not able to be translated from one language to
o Vulgarity in language that is not your first language
Because of proximity impact is not as close
o Geography, class, ethnicity plays a role in language
E.g. “ya’ll” in the South vs. not being used in the North
People viewed less educated because of their accent
o Gender plays a role
Men and women don’t talk the same way
Women are more apologetic, reserved, timid. While men are the
o We make associations, we classify, and we project value this is how we operate
o Different generations speaking the same language differently
o Media plays a role in imitating a language usually just happens
When you learn a language you simultaneously learn a culture
The way we speak and encounter really young children
Children learn very early
Cultural differences in language acquisition
o Language learning does not follow a “hardwired” biological program…
o Culture shapes what a child learns
Does the parent adapt the situation to the child (and her babbling)?
Or must the child adapt?
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