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Lecture 20

ANT 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 20: Stutz Motor Company, Sex SegregationPremium

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ANT 101
Nilsson- Stutz Liv

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Layan Ibrahim
Anthropology 101
Mon/Wed/Fri 10:00 10:50 am
Dr. Liv Nilsson Stutz
Firday, 4/06/18
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Discussion Session:
The Sworn Virgins of Albania - GQ
Why These Virgin Women Live As Men
Who are the Sworn Virgins? Why do they become sworn virgins?
Women who want economic freedom, personal freedom and they are treated like men.
Women that take identities of men in order to inherit wealth, new inheriter, or become
head of household, or to replace brothers that are incompetent, to avoid arranged marriages, and
to seek more freedom
3 types of sworn virgins: Become sworn virgins when they are born
What pronouns and kinship terms are used when talking about the sworn virgins?
Based on digression of the person (preference), implicitly indicated: he, she
How is sworn virgin identity performed?
Sworn virgins whose parents placed identity on them, in terms of physicality nothing is
changed surgically (except for changing attire and cutting hair) - therefore, building the gender
identity - because you are treated as a man
There is no one to inherit families name or wealth
3 traits of sworn virgins: social roles (chopping wood), pronouns (being called man or
brother), physical appearance (wearing shorts to school, cutting hair)
Referred to masculinity:
How does the sworn virgin gender intersect with sexuality, economy, kinship, and religion?
Economic: They are the head of the household
Sexuality: They don’t have sex, perceive themselves as straight males (flirt with girls) -
similar to afafafine. Eliminates a lot of aspects of sexuality, and prioritize kinship.
Kinship: Since they don’t have children, they are perceived as un uncle/aunt. Fulfill an
almost fatherly aspect, but still has a feminine touch to it.
Religion: It doesn’t really matter. As long as you go to church, you are accepted
Take Home Assignment:
How is gender performed on Fa’afafine society?
After the missionaries came in
Gender Emory
Have to say your pronouns before everything. Therefore, gender is already established.
Greek Life - sororities and fraternities - gender separated, only 2 co-ed ones
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