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Lecture 4

ANT 333 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Rotavirus Vaccine, Neuraminidase Inhibitor, 1918 Flu Pandemic

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Spring 2018

Course Code
ANT 333
Konner Melvin

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Changing' all'the' time.' There' is'not' one' vaccine
Ecology' of' influenza
Bird'flu' jumps' to'pigs
Cold:' sneezing' hoarseness
Flu:' chills,' high' fever,'
Flu' vs' cold
Cyanosis:' ears' and' lips' turn' blue,' face' is' pale
H1N1:' swine' flu,' spreads' easily,' rarely' fatal
Neuraminidase' inhibitors' (recommended)
Rimantadine,' amantadine' (uncoding' of' RNA)
Contagious' nature' of' influenza' is' unknown,' you' never' know' how' long' youre' contagious' for' rip
1918:' spanish' flu
Killed' ~2M' babies.' Rotavirus' is'the'leading' cause
2006,' nicaragua' and' us'introduced' rotavirus' vaccine
2012,' ghana'did' too
India' made' super' cheap' one' (bharat' biotech)
Infectious' diarrhea
Thursday,' February' 22,' 2018
2:31' PM

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InfluenzaRotavirus Thursday, February 22, 20182:31 PM Changing all the time. There is not one vaccine Ecology of influenza Bird flu jumps to pigs Flu vs cold Cold: sneezing hoarseness Flu: chills, high fever, Cyanosis: ears and lips turn blue, face is pale H1N1: swine flu, spreads easily, rarely fatal H5N1: avian flu, spreads slowly, often fatal Treatments: Neuraminidase inhibitors (recommended) Zanamavir Rimantadine, amantadine (uncoding of RNA) Contagious nature of influenza is unknown, you never know how long youre contagious for rip 1918: spanish flu Rotavirus Infectious diarrhea Killed ~2M babies. Rotavirus is the leading cause 2006, nicaragua and us introduced rotavirus vaccine 2012, ghana did too India made super cheap one (bharat biotech)
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