PSYC 200 Lecture 8: Types of Measures

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Lecture 8-- 2/7/17
Types of Measures
Observational, Physiological, self-report, archival
Direct observation of behavior
In person or via recording
3 decisions to make:
1. Natural vs. Contrived
Naturalistic- no active intervention
Ex- Watching people on the quad and not intervening
in any way
Participant observation
Researcher engages in same activities as
those being observed
Problems? Ethics, potential for bias
Contrived- settings arranged
Lab (e.g., Milgram)
Field (e.g., dime study)
Con: potential for generalizability
2. Undisguised or Disguised
Undisguised: participants know they’re being observed
Reactivity concerns
Disguised: Participants unaware
Ethical concerns
Alternatives to Disguised:
Partial Concealment
People know ____ but don’t know ____
Knowledgeable Informants
People that already know the
participant-- but this gives potential for
Unobtrusive Measures
e.g. , garbage contents, wear on books,
3. Behavioral Recording
Narratives or field notes
Qualitative, not quantitative
Content analysis-- turning qualitative into
quantitative data
Did it happen or not?
_____ man _____ laughed
_____ woman _____ cried
Rating Scales
Intensity or quality
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