PSYC 205 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Jean Piaget, Object Permanence, Perseveration

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2-1 Cognitive Development !2/1/17 11:45 AM
2-1 Cognitive Development I: Piaget
Review sheet handed on Wednesday
Review session Tuesday February 14th 4-5 pm, 235 PAIS
Office hours: Wednesday February 8th 3-4pm
Piaget’s Model of Cognitive Development
o Basic features
o Stages of development
Concrete operational
Formal operational
Jean Piaget
Influential in field of child development
Born in French speaking part of Switzerland
Was interested in children’s’ thinking — mistakes made and reasoning
Observed children and developed theory of cognitive development
Children as Active Learners
“Little scientists” — conducting experiments to learn about their
o Piaget took children’s’ thoughts seriously
o Active in learning about the world
Learned lessons independently
o Don’t require adults to show them whats going on or instruct
Intrinsically and eagerly motivated
o Don’t need rewards
Sources of continuity: processes propelling development forward
Assimilation: taking what we see in the world and fitting it to our
o See a fuzzy thing with tail and ears, and label it as a dog
Accommodation: changing understanding of the world to fit new
o See fuzzy things with tail and ears, label it a dog, then mom
says it’s a cat because it says meow
Ongoing process until reaching equilibration
Equilibration: when your understanding of the world matches well
with things you’re encountering; stable understanding of meaning
o More understanding will eliminate discrepancies from before
Piaget’s Stage Theory: children go through developmental stages and
through the process, their understanding of the world is changing
Discontinuous: each stage is qualitatively different (from other
o Development is not a gradual process of gaining more
o Understand world in a certain way, undergo change in thinking
and enter a new stage, which is qualitatively different from
the previous stage
o From caterpillar à butterfly
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