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Lecture 3

SOC 225 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Gender Binary, Externalization

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SOC 225
Michael Vaughn

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Soc 225: Sociology of Sex and Gender
Lecture 3
Doing Gender
- Doig geder is ho soiety rereated ad reprodues the oepts of geder
This is one example of social construction
- Doig geder eas reatig differees etee girls ad oys ad oe ad e,
differences that are not natural, essential or biological. Once the differences have been
ostruted, they are used to reifore the essetial of geder
Social Construction
What is Social construction?
- Social construction is the process by which individuals, groups, and societies invent and
disperse new ideas or concepts.
- The magic of social construction rests in its ability to naturalize an idea or concept, or to
make it appear as if it has always existed and should exist.
- The concept is shared
- E.g. we should build a DUC
- The concept takes on a life of its own
- Others take the concept as natural
- ruors see as real because of the assumption that they are
Digital Storytelling
1. What is your point of view?
2. Why THIS story?
3. How can the audience relate? How are some audience members disconnected?
4. How are you using your voice? (being expressive in ways that are natural)
5. How does audio help/hinder your storytelling?
6. Do you have enough content?
7. Is your story moving fast/slow enough?
Roles and Identities as Analytic Distinctions
Role A situation specific set of expectations for an individual
Identity A lasting aspect of a idiidual’s self
Is it a role or an identity?
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