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Lecture 15

SOC 225 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Kindergarten, Standpoint Theory, Social Forces

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SOC 225
Michael Vaughn

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Soc 225: Sociology of Sex and Gender
Lecture 15
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Kindergarten me Doctor, pro tennis player
Me now Psychologist (but traveler as well)
Identity Theory
- “ietist idetit
- hold a set of meanings used to define the identity
- Enact the identity
Other’s Epetatios
Identity Theory
- Meaning making
- Audience Feedback
- Reflected Appraisal
- Modeling
- Conditioning
- Differential treatment
Leaky Pipeline
Pipeline A means of quickly and fluidly transporting something from one place to another
Leaky Pipeline Not everything in the pipeline reaches the destination
- Girls perceived themselves similar to other girls and different from scientists
- Boys perceived themselves as heterogeneous and similar to scientists
… studets’’’ iteralized eaigs aout self ad others i siee help eplai gedered
patters i sietifi ad tehologial iterests Lee 99: 
Perceptions of aptitude or goodness of fit are socially influenced.
Beyond overt discrimination, social forces also limit what we perceive we can do.
Standpoint theory
- Expert - someone who knows everything about something, socially valued for their
knowledge, someone who has been legitimated
How can I get rich?
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