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Lecture 1

CHL 207 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Trade Literature, Robert Cormier

Children’s Literature
Course Code
CHL 207

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Craft of fiction, also tools of the trade
Literature: the expression of the human condition
Literary criticism: the explanation of the what and how of literature
The how refers to the tools a storyteller has
Foreshadow: a warning or indication of future events. How humans behave is an important
type of foreshadowing.
Dues ex machina: when an event is not foreshadowed.
Translation: No or bad foreshadowing
Avoid this!
The plot of a story is a significant sequence of events. It is not a summary. The
sequence is significant because the events are not random. The are also significant because
they are foreshadowed.
You can have different plot lines to express different human conditions, such as
those in The Love Boat (1977-1987).
There are two types of plot.
Episodic plot
Typically has episodes or chapters
Those chapters or episodes can be skipped or read/watched out of
An example of an episodic plot would be a sitcom
Progressive plot
Typically has a sequence of events that lead to a climax, then a
Has chapters that you cannot skip
An example of a progressive plot would be a movie
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