CHL 207 Lecture 3: DISCUSSION3

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6 Feb 2017

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1. Plot
a. Is it episodic or progressive (why) (100 minimum words; this is not the maximum,
longer is always good for all of these throughout the course.)
i. The plot for Bridge to Terabithia is progressive. This is because there is a
sequence of events that lead to a climax and then are later resolved in what is
called a resolution. Bridge to Terabithia also has chapters that the reader is not
able to skip. If the reader were to skip a chapter or section of the book, later
parts of the story would not make complete sense because the reader might
have missed a part that is later referenced. The fact that the book has chapters
that must be read in sequential order makes the Bridge to Terabithia a book
with a progressive plot.
b. Are there multiple plots? (as always, say why) (100 minimum words)
i. In Bridge to Terabithia there are not multiple plots. There is only one plot line
expressing one human condition. This means that there is only one point of view
in which the book is written, that point of view being Jesse Aarons’. Jesse
Aarons’ character is the only into which the reader is able to see the thoughts
and know the emotions of. )f the book were to switch between Jesse Aarons’ and
Leslie Burke’s point of view, for example, then the book would have multiple
plots. This would be because the book would then express two different human
c. Quote three passages that Foreshadow something later. Then quote the later passage
that is foreshadowed. Then explain how the earlier passage is foreshadowing the later
and why.
i. Anybody had a chance to be the fastest runner, and by Miss Bessie, this year is
was going to be Jesse Oliver Aarons, Jr. pp. 
ii. ...The faded cut-offs crossed the line a full three feet ahead of him. pp. 4
iii. With the first quote, Jesse Aarons is so confident he will win the infamous race
that takes place during recess at Lark Creek Elementary, the reader almost
cannot help but think he will lose, even though he has spent so long practicing
his running early in the morning. When he hears his father start up his old truck
for work, Jesse gets up to run. This is long before the sun, or anyone else in his
family, is even up. He believes that, without a doubt, no one will be able to beat
him now that Mayne Pettis is in the fifth grade. He believes that no other fourth
grader will be a challenge for him. Before school starts, he meets the child of the
people who have just moved in next door. A girl named Leslie Burke. This is the
girl who will beat him at the race, as shown in the second quote.
i. Lord, what he wouldn’t give for a new pad of real art paper and a set of those
marking pens. pp. 
ii. )t was a box of watercolors with twenty-four tubes of color and three brushes
and a pad of heavy art paper. pp.9
iii. In the first quote, Jesse idly wishes he had some decent art supplies so he can
make better artwork to give to his crush, Miss Edmunds, a teacher at Lark Creek
Elementary. She is the only person to encourage his artistic side and he has yet
been able to produce anything worth gifting to her. The crayons that the school
provide to its students just do not of good quality, so he cannot produce a decent
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