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Lecture 27

SAG 105L Lecture 27: SAG 105L4 LECTURE 27

Simulation, Animation and Gaming
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SAG 105L

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If you don’t plan, you plan to fail.
The job of a scene planner is to:
o Work from a storyboard
o Compile all of the elements of a shot into a composition that is not only
visually appealing, but also helps the story
o It will also need to give the animator space to perform the action
Field chart
Also called a graticule.
It is used to plot camera moves.
It gives the scene planner a way to measure the size of the camera’s view.
Planning a scene in 3D is similar to 2D.
All items must be placed into position ready for animation.
Any missing props need to be made now.
o If they are not, the animation will be put on hold.
The basic story and plot structure are made in the storyboarding stage.
The main function of scene planning is to:
o Put detail into the shots
o Make sure there is continuity from shot to shot
o Plan camera moves
o Ensure length and action of each shot is clear
o Create a library of backgrounds and assets that can be used and reused
throughout the production
Getting started
Before planning a shot, make sure you are aware of the story as a whole and
know what stage of it you are at.
Ask yourself these questions:
o How will this scene move the story in the direction it needs to go?
o What are the characters motivations?
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