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Lecture 2

SAG 235 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Grim Natwick, Droopy, Helen Kane

Simulation, Animation and Gaming
Course Code
SAG 235

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A brief history
o Created in 1832 by Joseph Plateau.
o Phenakistiscope is Greek. “To deceive” or “to cheat.”
o Was the first widespread animation device that created a fluent illusion of motion.
o It was a circular piece of paper with frame-by-frame drawings around it that,
when spun in a certain direction, played a simple animation.
o It is regarded as one of the first moving forms of media entertainment.
o This paved the way for the future of the motion film industry.
Funny Faces
o In 1906, J. Stuart Blackton made the first animated film.
o He called it Humorous Phases of Funny Faces.
o He drew comical faces on a blackboard and filmed them.
Little Nemo
o In 1911, Winsor McCay produced an animated sequence using a comic strip he
drew and colored by hand.
Gertie, the Trained Dinosaur
o In 1914, Winsor McCay produced a cartoon called Gertie, the Trained Dinosaur.
o It consisted of 10,000 drawings.
o It was featured in theaters and at multimedia events, where McCay would
actually interact with an animated Gertie.
Felix the Cat
o In 1920, Felix the Cat was created.
o He was the most popular character and series of that time.
o He started out as Feline Follies first in Sullivan’s Studio.
o He was so popular, they made merchandise for him that would become a
precursor of later merchandising.
Mickey Mouse
o In 1928, Steamboat Willie was the first successful sound animated film.
o Is made Mickey Mouse an international star.
o Thus, Disney Studios began.
o When sound was used for the first time, it gave Disney an advantage over
Betty Boop
o In 1930, Betty Boop debuted.
o She was created by Grim Natwick.
o She first appeared as the dog girlfriend of another dog, Bimbo.
o Her body was modeled after Mae West, and her singing voice after Helen Kane.
Looney Toons
o Also debuted in 1930.
o Created by Hugh Harman and Rudolph Ising.
o It copied Disney’s Silly Symphony series.
o It was required to have one chorus from Warner film.
o The idea was that Looney Toons would promote Warner Brothers.
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