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Lecture 5

SAG 235 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Playstation 3, Microsoft, Wii

Simulation, Animation and Gaming
Course Code
SAG 235

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What is the framework?
The framework of a game is comprised of specific game aspects, such as:
o Its platform
o Its player mode
o Its time interval
What platforms are available for games, and what specific elements are associated with
each platform?
One platform might be an arcade machine
o Mach 3 by JN
o Crystal Castles by Atari Interactive, Inc
Another type of platform are consoles
o Xbox 360 which was reprinted with permission from Microsoft Corporation
o Playstation 3 by Sony Computer Entertainment America
o Wii by Nintendo
Computers are another type of platform
There are also online platforms, such as:
o Xbox Live Marketplace
o Playstation Store
Handheld platforms
o 3DS by Nintendo
o PS Vita by Sony Computer Entertainment America
Mobile platforms
o iPhone
o iPad
o Tablets
Tabletop platforms
o The board game Risk
How does choice of hardware affect the way a game is developed and played?
How do modes based on number of players affect the way games are created?
Another aspect of game design to consider is player modes
o Single-player games
Such as Hardwood Solitaire IV
o Two-player games
Such as Streets of Rage 2
o Local multiplayer
Such as DDR
o LAN-based multiplayer
Such as Fragapalooza
o Online multiplayer
Such as Overwatch
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