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by OneClass394710 , Fall 2011
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Fall 2011

Biological Science
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BSC 1005
Jonathan Hu

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3. Black People in Colonial America
Economic dependence in America depended on slave labor which provided a rationale for racial
British and Jamestown
oJamestown founded in 1607
oBritish for looking for gold, trade, lumber, rice, silk
oJohn Rolfe looked to grow tobacco
oMain labor source were indentured servants and undesirables
oIndentured servants died the same way as slaves
Black Servitude in the Chesapeake
oBlacks were a small part of labor force in Chesapeake colonies
oBlacks were unfree indentured servants from 1620s-1670s
oMen seemed to enjoy a status similar to whites here and there
oBrits looked at blacks as inferior and alien
Race and the Origins of Black Slavery
oBy 1700, 20% of Virginias population were slaves
oCaribbean sugar colonies set precedent for enslaving Africans
oFew poor whites came to tobacco colonies

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3. Black People in Colonial America • Economic dependence in America depended on slave labor which provided a rationale for racial  oppression • British and Jamestown o Jamestown founded in 1607 o British for looking for gold, trade, lumber, rice, silk o John Rolfe looked to grow tobacco o Main labor source were indentured servants and undesirables o Indentured servants died the same way as slaves • Black Servitude in the Chesapeake o Blacks were a small part of labor force in Chesapeake colonies o Blacks were unfree indentured servants from 1620s­1670s o Men seemed to enjoy a status similar to whites here and there o Brits looked at blacks as inferior and alien • Race and the Origins of Black Slavery o By 1700, 20% of Virginia’s population were slaves o Caribbean sugar colonies set precedent for enslaving Africans o Few poor whites came to tobacco colonies o Blacks start losing more legal rights and start becoming legal property o Laws designed for African Americans to serve master for life over set term • The Emergence of Chattel Slavery o Children of black females were born into slavery o Whites assumed servitude was natural condition of black people o Slave codes were enacted to define slavery as a system to control blacks to exploit their  labor • Bacon’s Rebellion and American Slavery o Bacon gave blacks an idea to unite against the master class o White indentured servitude begins to phase out in favor of blacks who would never  become free or control firearms  Planters hoped to avoid class conflict this way o Lack of class conflict and American prosperity depended on denying freedoms to blacks • Plantation Slavery, 1700­1750 o Tobacco Colonies – Chesapeake (Virginia & Maryland)  By 1750, 61% of all slaves in N. America lived in Virginia and Maryland  Blacks were a major in the tobacco colonies and a minority in rice colonies
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