ANT 2511 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Social Business, Rhinarium, Pongidae

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Published on 26 Jul 2018
tendencies of old world monkeys
-biggest and maximum diverse family of primates
-range: africa and asia
-arboreal or secondarily terrestrial
-typically occur in family gadgets, complex social business enterprise (multi-male, multi-female)
-omnivorous or herbivorous
-calluses on rump (ischial callosities)
contributors of the superfamily hominoidea
gibbons, orangutans, chimps, gorillas, humans
trends of hominoidea
-no tail
-cranium distinctly massive, heavily ridged
-a few especially arboreal (gibbons, orangs, chimps), others terrestrial (gorillas)
-face is naked, facial expressions play essential role in social interactions
-specifically vegetarians
participants of circle of relatives hylobadtidae
gibbons and siamangs
traits of hylobadtidae
-lengthy forearms, hook-like hands specialized for brachiation
-especially frugivorous
-range in asia
-live in monogamous own family companies
-low sexual dimorphism
members of family pongidae
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