ANT 2511 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Postorbital Bar, Lithostratigraphy, Brachiation

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26 Jul 2018
what's a show?
a verbal exchange of emotional states
e.g. protruding tongue
what's an affiliative behavior?
behaviors which promote institution brotherly love (friendly/superb gestures), e.g. grooming, touching,
and hugging.
what's a dominance hierarchy?
arises whilst members of a social organization engage, regularly aggressively, to create a rating machine.
in social living businesses, participants are likely to compete for get right of entry to to restricted sources
and mating possibilities. extra regular amongst males
why may additionally primates behave aggressively?
-to shield a home range
-assert dominance
reproductive behaviors of non-human primates:
*in maximum primate societies, sexual conduct is tied to the female's reproductive cycle (perineal
*permanent bonding isn't not unusual
*usual copulating conduct
*bonobos are exception - sexual behavior is common and for pleasure.
do non-human primates have way of life? talk the evidence, specifically from "smart monkeys".
yes. white faced capuchin monkeys have discovered to discover and open clams by looking at tides and
rolling and banging the clams on a hard surface. crimson colobus monkeys also have learned to consume
charcoal from a nearby village to relieve belly aches.
how might you describe the difference between male and woman orangutans?
there's a high sexual dimorphism.
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