ANT 2511 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Apidium, Quadrupedalism, Aegyptopithecus

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26 Jul 2018
Adapids and Omomyids
Notharctus and Adapis
Traits of Adapids and Omomyids
-Small body
-Evolution occured in period of glabal warming
Smilodectes Gracilis
Traits of Proto-lemur
-Eyes directed forward
-Slightly projecting canine
-Originated in N America and ended up on madagascar
What happened to many early prosimians?
They became extinct
What happened to some prosimians?
They evolved into early anthropoids
Oligocene was a period for what?
Global cooling and widespread plant and animal extinctions
When did the earliest primate-like mammals appear?
Paleocene Epoch
Where do the majority of primate fossils originate from the Oligocene period?
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