ANT 2511 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Dentition, Cenozoic, Brachiation

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26 Jul 2018
What dietary habit is the gorilla characterized by?
Humans and apes are a part of what suborder?
What primates have low sexual dimorphism?
Gibbons and Siamangs
Low sexual dimorphism is associated with what?
Monogomous groups
Which type of primates is the least biologically similar to humans?
Piloerection and then charging could be described as what?
A dominant display, a threat gesture
Primates are typified by what?
large brain relative to body size, high degree of learned behavior, grasping hands
What characteristic distinguishes primates from other mammals?
Stereoscopic vision
Langur Infanticide is the result of what?
Competition for reproductive success
What is a problem associated with captive studies of primates?
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