ANT 2511 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Denisovan, Homo Habilis, Clovis Culture

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26 Jul 2018
when did humans enter europe?
50,000 years ago
Who did humans encounter when they entered Europe?
Neandertals and Denisovans
Chukchi reindeer herders
Seasonal occupation, used animals as clothing
how did ancient modern humans outcompete neandertals and other hominins?
-larger populations
-advanced toolkits
-division of labor
-better clothes
How did humans get to the new world?
with skim boats along the land bridge that connected north america to asia
How old were the fluted points?
13,000 years old (Clovis people)
Why was Kennewick man so important?
proves humans came across pacific, NOT atlantic
What DNA does analysis of Anzick child reveal?
part ancient siberian, part ancient east asian; cross between siberians and east asians
By 5,000 years ago, what was the only place left for humans to colonize?
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