ANT 2511 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: San People, Macroevolution, Mutation

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26 Jul 2018
the study of evolutionary phenomena that causes one species to change into another species
change in gene frequencies in a population over time
New alleles can be brought into a population how?
Mutation and gene flow
The very high frequency of blood type O in native americans is the result of what?
founder effect
If a child dies as a result of recieving two recessive alleles from the parents it's an example of what?
selection against a recessive allele
Hybrids due to cross-breeding is an example of what?
gene flow
What evolutionary force would increase variation between populations?
genetic drift
What causes malaria?
a parasite carried by mosquitoes
Punctuated Equilirbrium
alternating periods of stasis and rapid change (Niles and Gould)
Allopatric speciation requires what?
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