BUL 4421 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Actus Reus, Federal Crime In The United States, Only Time

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9 Jun 2016
Chapter 7 crime and the business community
Purpose of criminal law
To punish an offender fro causing harm to public health, safety,mor morals
oGovernment filed charges against the defendant
oSociety is the victim
Elements of a crime
1. Actus Reus: faulty act
2. Mens Rea: a guilty mind
a. A defendant purposefully commits a crime by engaging in a specific wrongful
behavior to bring about a specific wrongful result
b. A defendant can knowingly commit a wrongful act if the person knows the act is
wrongful or believes so yet does nothing to confirm or disconfirm this belief
c. A defendant is reckless if a criminal act occurs when the individual consciously if
notes substantial risk
d. A defendant is negligent if he does not meet the standards care a teasonable
person would use the cerci stances
Strict liability
Only time of punishment without proof of guilty mind
Example: sell cigarettes or alcohol to a minor
Classification of crimes
Felonies: serious crimes sentence for. Ore than one year, or death
Misdemeanors: less serious crimes punishable by fines or I,prison,eat for less than one
Petty crimes: minor misdemeanors usually punishable by jail sentence of less than six
Federal crime: federal law
State crime: state Law
Prison: sentence for more than a year
Jail: less than a year. People who are waiting for trial
Property vs white collar crimes
1. Non employees often commit property crimes, while employees usually commit while
collar crimes
2. Property crimes are committed against the business, white collar crimes are usually
committed against society
3. Property crimes. Any provoke violence, white collar crimes usually don't
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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