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Lecture 27

CLP 4144 Lecture 27: Brief walk-through of the brainPremium

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Clinical Psychology
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CLP 4144
Miller Lawrence

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CLP 4144
Abnormal Psychology
Brief walk-through the brain
o Any part of the nervous system outside the skull is considered part of the spinal
Cord or Nervous System
o Spinal Cord has two main functions:
Coordinate neuromuscular and bodily functions at all levels of the body
Convey information up and down
Sensory information to the brain from the muscles, internal
organs, skin etc.
Conveys info downstream.
o Ex. My brain can communicate with my hand to tell it to
write certain words down that convey language. Look at
the blackboard and listen to info during class.
Brain Stem
o Many structures
o 3 main structures:
Mid Brain Contains structures a variety of structures that are involved
in eye movement, coordination of involuntary, postural movements.
Thalamus The major relay station for sensory and motor pathways of
the brain
All of the senses except smell go through the thalamus on their way
to the cerebral cortex
Coordinates information from the sensory structures, from the lithic
system, from all the structures of the brain
The gate keeper of the cerebral cortex
Hypothalamus The center for most of the bottley regulation functions
that the brain performs
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