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Lecture 28

CLP 4144 Lecture 28: Forensic PsychologyPremium

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Clinical Psychology
Course Code
CLP 4144
Miller Lawrence

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Abnormal Psychology
CLP 4144
Forensic Psychology The application of psychology to matters of the law
o Civil Law- The legal actions between one private entity and another. A plaintiff
will file or bring a lawsuit against a defendant.
o Personal injury law suits
Fell somewhere and impaired their memory
What if they were assaulted in a place, and now they have PTSD, unable
to continue a norm lifestyle?
Psychologist will do an exam this cognitive functioning and come up with
an assessment
Need to know if there is a syndrome that exist, and if it was caused by the
o Family law
Divorce, custody, etc.
Not bringing your child back in time from a custody meeting is not a
rie, it’s a iil order
o Contracts, wills and Estates
o Civil competency
Can be affected involved syndromes that are:
Static - Haig a stati oditio that is’t goig to e etter
Impairment - An individual diagnosed with a serious mental
disorder, brain injury, develops dementia, etc.
Recovery - Had a disorder and then recovered
How do you get a person evaluated for competency?
Get a formal court order and a court appointed expert, like a
psychologist, psychiatrist or a neurologist.
General clinical information of that patient
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