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Lecture 30

CLP 4144 Lecture 30: Psychology in the criminal justice systemPremium

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Clinical Psychology
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CLP 4144
Miller Lawrence

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CLP 4144
Abnormal Psychology
Psychology in the criminal justice system:
o 3 main areas in the application of psychology in the criminal justice system are:
1. Criminal Competency
2. Mental state at the time of the offense (MSTO) Not guilty by
reason of insanity (NGRI) otherwise known as the insanity
3. Reduction of future offending
The evaluator will sit down with the defendant and establish the
presence, absence or severity of a mental condition, and does this mental
condition affect their ability to understand:
The nature of what they are being charged with
The range of possible penalties
Participate productively in their own defense
The nature of the law
o Judge Makes sure everyone follows the rules of the court
o Jury Decides if innocent of guilty
o Prosecutor Person against the individual
o Defense Defedig the idiidual to proe they did’t do
Their story - They have to be able to give a coherent account of
their story
They will then sum up all of their evaluation on the criteria above, and
determine whether or not the individual is competent
If the individual is not competent, then they will most likely be sent to
attend competency restoration. Where they are sent to a program and
given a class on how the legal system works. After a couple weeks they
are reevaluated and if they fail they attend competency again, again,
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