MAR 4156 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Jet Lag, Time Signature, Market Structure

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9 Jun 2016
Economic development and the Americas
Time zones make a difference.
Jet lag is an important problem.
Virtual meetings are difficult to execute
The can disrupt sleep and family time
Of the three kind of distances: miles, time zones, and culture.
The common time zones give the Europeans advantages in both Africa and Middle East
Fully industrialized countries: United States, Germany, Japan
Rapidly industrializing countries: Brazil, Russia, China
Marketing and economic development
Latin America and other e Erving markets will account for 75% of world’s total growth in
two decades beyond
Transition from socialist to market – driven economies
The liberalization of trade and investment policies in different countries
Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, China, South Korea, Poland, turkey, India, and Vietnam are
emerging as vast markets
Economic development: generally understood to mean an increase in national
production reflected by an increase in the average per capita gross domestic product or
gross national income
Stages of economic development
More developed countries
Less developed countries
Least developed countries
New industrialized countries
The UN classification has been criticized because it no longer seems relevant in the rapidly
industrialized world.
Many countries that are classified as LDCs are industrialized at a very rapid rate.
Newly industrialized countries (NIC’s)
Economic expansion and industrialization and do not exactly fit as LDCs or Mdc
These countries have shown rapid industrialization of targeted industries
They have per capita incomes that exceed other developing countries
They have moved away from restrictive trade practices and instituted significant free
market forms
They attract both trade and foreign direct investment.
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