MAR 4156 Lecture 10: chapter 10 3-2

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9 Jun 2016
Europe, Middle East
Multinational market regions: groups of countries that see, mutual economic benefit from
reducing inter regional trade and tariff barriers - are the most important global trends today
The most successful one is European Union, the world’s largest multinational market region and
foremost example of economic cooperation.
Successful economic union requires favorable economic, political movement cultural
and geographic factors as a basis for success
The advantages of economic union should be cut and clear
Economic factors
For a union to survive, it most have agreements and mechanisms in place to settle
economic disputes
Enlarged, protected markets stimulate internal economic development
Eastern Europe
Most Eastern European countries are privatizing state owned enterprises
Establishing free pricing systems
Baltic states
Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania
Ethiopia, Angola, and Malawi experienced growth rates greater than 8% between 2007
and 2011
Market barriers
Provide an advantage to the companies within the market in their dealings with other
countries of the market groups
Companies willing to invest I. Production facilities in multinational markets may benefit
fro. Protectionist measures
Exporters to these markets are in considerably weaker position
Meeting product and other standards within each multinational markets region like the
EU is a challenge
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