MAR 4156 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Self-Reference, Global Marketing, Ethnocentrism

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9 Jun 2016
The scope and challenge of international marketing
Chapter 1
Vietnam is a new emerging economy, they can produce goods cheaper than China.
Self reference criterion and ethnocentrism
Self reference criterion (SRC): is an unconscious reference to ones own cultural values,
experiences, and knowledge as a basis for decisions.
Ethnocentrism : is the notion that people in ones own company, culture, or country
know best how to do things.
Both the SRC and ethnocentrism impede the ability to assess a foreign market in its true
Developing global awareness
To be globally aware is to have
Tolerance of cultural differences and
Knowledge of cultures, history, world market potential, and global economic, social, and
political trends.
Stayed of international marketing involvement
No direct foreign marketing
Infrequent foreign marketing
Regular foreign marketing
International marketing
Global marketing
The ori notation of international marketing
Environmental/cultural approach
Relate the foreign environment to the marketing process
Illustrate how culture influenced the marketing task
The cultural environment within which the marketer must implement marketing plans
can change dramatically from country to country
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