MAR 4503 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Beagle, American Airlines, Ticketmaster

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3 Oct 2018

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Chapter 13:
Volume of mentions- the most common and easiest to measure
Animated videos are more likely to make people understand something better.
Web crawlers index all web content.
The complexity of ranking algorithms has led to companies guarding them as trade secrets.
Much of the work during the development stage of a site are done thru a content management system.
Many sites for politicians are with blue bc it shows trustworthiness.
Readers tend to agree more w things printed in a serif font.
Class Notes:
Facebook fucked up and lost peoples data thru a third party app. They must now investigate other third parties.
They asked ppl if they think they obey laws and protect info. FB and yahoo is the least trusted, most trusted is
FOMO- fear of missing out.
Three types of media investments-
Paid media- ads
Owned media- web properties
Earned media- sharing, mentions, reposts, reviews
Brand democratization- company-controlled brand management fading away. “Brands belong to the people who
choose to buy them”
Prof travels w american airlines the most.
In 1970s legislature made university of south FL in Miami, UM didn’t like it, lobbying occured, and legislature changed
their mind.
Infographics- a pic that informs u of something. Makes it easy to understand.
Prof hates comcast. Customer satisfaction has way more power than customer service bc people go here to cancel.
Prof has his own TEVO.
Chik fil a, amazon, apple, amex are best customer service.
Worst customer service is cable companies, bank of america, walmart, and ticketmaster.
United airlines in summer 2017 offered for people to leave, old man was selected to leave and refused, had to get
dragged off the plane. Airline can legally bump you without your consent but they must give you compensation.
Employees werent empowered to fix the problem and united didnt have a policy to allow front line employees, gate
agents, to make that decision. KLM has amazing beagle dog with jacket.
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