MAR 4503 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Sustainable Tourism, Organic Milk, Life-Cycle Assessment

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3 Oct 2018

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Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protected Act 2010
Improve accountability and transparency in the financial system
Protect consumers from abusive financial service practices
Example of social responsibility mandated by an act of congress
Stonyfield yogurt
Environmentally friendly principles to produce pesticide-free, fertilizer-free yogurt
Example of a successful CSR program
Sustainable marketing/sustainability study
Levi’s one of the first to conduct a life-cycle assessment
Marketers at Levi’s assessed the firm’s major products to identify opportunities for
improving sustainability
Looked at how often consumers wash jeans
Most Americans wear their jeans 2 times and then wash them; too frequent
Europeans wear their jeans 2 ½ - 3 times and then wash
Asians/China wear about 4 times and then wash
Barriers to encouraging sustainable consumer behavior:
1. Lack of awareness and knowledge
2. Negative perceptions
3. Distrust
Ex. Lightbulbs transition to LED, don’t trust government for taking them away
1. High prices
2. Low availability
Ex. Of sustainable company = Tesla
Strategies of environmental marketing:
1. Eco-efficiency
2. Beyond-compliance leadership
3. Eco-branding
4. Environmental cost leadership
Ex. Publix milk and organic milk, organic costs 40-50% more
People value it and they are willing to pay
Ex. Tesla, extremely efficient but $100k
1. Sustainable value innovation
Ex. Tesla may have moved to this strategy
Environmentally-friendly packaging
Ex. Dell uses recyclable and renewable bamboo to package and protect certain products
Political issueban on incandescent lightbulbs
Peru machu pichu, too many tourists it was being ruined
Limiting the people who go there
Ex of sustainable tourism
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