MAR 4503 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Elaboration Likelihood Model

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9 Jun 2016
Decision Making
Decision: choice between two or more alternative action / items / behaviors. They happen after
Cognitive: logical
Affective: feelings
Habitual: actions
What type of decision making is going take place?
Involvement: it's is a person’s perceived relevance of an object based on their inherent
needs, values, and interests.
Function of a person, situation, and object
Personal factors: attitudes, necessities
Situational factors: same ^
What are some object factors ???
Outcomes depending on involvement: influencing attitudes
Message involvement (elaboration likelihood model ELM)
How can marketers influence involvement other than EML
Situational involvement
Product involvement depends on perceived risk
Momentary, functional, physical, social, psychological
Basic stages of decision making
Problem recognition
Search for alternatives
Evaluate alternatives
Product choice from the alternatives
Post selection evaluation
May skip some steps because of: expense, frequency of decision (habits), cognitive
Problem recognition
Discrepancy between current state of affairs and ideal state situations
Difference between current and ideal state
Need recognition
Opportunity recognition
Marketers manipulate the ideal state
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