MAR 4503 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Pluralistic Ignorance

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9 Jun 2016
Normative conformity: conformity to meet the expectation of a person or group.
People don't want to appear foolish in front of others
Asch study, 1956
76% of the group give in
When is written down, it drops to 12%
Informal rules that govern behavior
Descriptive norms: how things are
Prescriptive: how things should be
We tend to conform to norms
Consequences of norm violation
Johnny Rocco study
oDiscuss appropriate punishment for Johnny
oOne group member told always to disagree
What happen to the deviant?
oReceived many comments and questions first
oThen: ignored or punished
Violating norms is aversive
Informational conformity
Conformity because groups behavior helps you learn what's right or true in an
ambiguous situation
Mimic others behavior because it seems to be correct
This could lead to private acceptance (not just mere compliance)
Very powerful
Seems to affect all manners of decisions
Doesn't require direct influence or persuasion attempts
What provokes it?
oCultural pressures
oCommitment – the group matters
oGroup unaminity, sizes expertise – greater power, greater compliance
oSusceptibility to interpersonal influence – some people need to have others
think highly of them
Presence of others: pluralistic ignorance
Virtually every member of a group privately feels one way, yet believes that virtually
everyone else privately feels another way .
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