MAR 4503 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Viral Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing

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9 Jun 2016
Reference groups
Sets standards for appropriate thoughts and behaviors
Significantly influences a person’s evaluations, aspirations, or behavior
Three forms of influence
Aspirational groups
Referent, reward, depends on type of group
Membership group
Class, sports team
Format vs. informal
Expert, referent, coercive
Avoidance groups
We don't want to be associated with
Prison, nerds
What increases power
Cohesiveness: how much they identify with each other
Unanimity: how often they agree
Group size
Power source
oCoercive: sanctions, punishments
oReward: how it is expressed
Brand communities: a group of consumers who share social relationships based in usage of a
product, result is enhanced brand loyalty
Consumer brand tribes: consumers who share a lifestyle based on allegiance to a product. Ex:
Harley Davidson fans
De individualism: when individual identities disappear in the group identity
For which decisions are groups most influential?
Influence can happen at the category or brand level
Influential people
Opinion leaders
Market mavens: people who love shopping
Surrogate consumers: they look like consumers but not
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