MAR 4503 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Symbolic Interactionism, Impression Management, Online Identity

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9 Jun 2016
The self
Deos the self exista?
The difference between humans and all other beings
Self: how a person perceives his own characteristics, values, behaviors
The self concept: summary of the beliefs a person holds about his own attributes
Self esteem: the positivity of a person’s self concept
Constructs of the self
Ideal self: a person’s conception of how he would like to be
Actual self: realistic appraisal of our attributes
We choose products if they are consistent with out actual self or if they help us reach our ideal
Marketer’s perspective: need recognition vs. opportunity recognition
Two funds,metal modalities
Agency: person’s tendency to reflect his individuality
Communion: refers to the merging of a person into a large group
Social comparison: a person evaluates his being by comparing it to that of certain groups of
Public self vs. private self
Self presentation: how we build and deliver the meaning of our self.
Private self: constructed through one’s choices and behaviors away from others
Public self: created by building and image of one’s self I. The minds of others via impression
Impression management: a person’s attempt to please a particular Audience
Symbolic interactionism: relationships with others form the self. Role identities may conflict
with one another
Extended self: external objects that we consider part of us
Individual level
Family level
Group level
Community level
Digital self
One’s online identity
Another level of extended self
Digital identity management
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