MAN 3025 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Protected Group, Virtual Team, United Airlines

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9 Jun 2016
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1. A formal document that says “this job requires lifting boxes onto pallets and reading
directions it reports to one outside dock foreman” is a(n)
A job description
2. Providing realistic information about a job and the company, giving support and
reassurance, demonstrating coping skills, and identifying potential stressors in order to
acclimate an employee is part of which HR activity?
3. The agreement between the union and management is written in a document called a?
Labor contract
4. Which of the following is not a protected class according to the Title 7 of the civil rights act
of 1964?
5. The perceived fairness of compensation employees receive relative to what other
companies pay for similar work is?
An external equity
6. Which of the following is not a benefit of diversity?
Lower cohesiveness
7. Diversity minimizes the phenomenon called?
Group think
8. _______ allows management to coordinate the various parts of the organization in a
consistent manner, but _______ provides greater flexibility to respond to change?
Centralization / Decentralization
9. If a company discovers that men are routinely being chosen for management positions over
women, even thigh the company has vigorously tried to prevent discrimination, the
process, which revealed the problem, is called?
Diversity audit
10. When women and minorities are unable to be promoted to higher positions of authority,
they are experiencing?
Glass ceiling
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11. Which of these involves measuring performance, cooperating it to objectives, and
implementing necessary changes?
12. The production process in which each worker repeats one step over and over, achieving
greater efficiency in the use of time and knowledge refers to?
13. In industrialization countries, the population is?
Becoming older
14. Management of _______ is likely to become more important in the future as richer
countries experience rising levels of both legal and illegal immigration from poorer
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