MAN 3025 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Group Cohesiveness, Initial Public Offering, Reinforcement

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9 Jun 2016
1. What is the name given to the cues and messages that other members of the group use to
let a member know what they expect?
Sent role
2. Honda motor company’s plant outside Columbus Ohio, manufactures cars as small as the
civic to as large as the element, all on the same assembly line. This flexible manufacturing
development allows automakers to rapidly change to customers’ desires. It should
decrease _______ between marketing and production.
Intergroup conflict
3. The _______ sale is how the individual comes to perceive what he or she should do in the
4. A person who engages in leadership activities but whose right to do so has not been
normally recognized is called a(n)?
Informal leaders
5. Group cohesiveness is fostered by all of the following except?
Unpleasant experiences
6. Norms are defined as?
What is accepted and expected as members
7. A properly designed control system is important to an organization because it can be used
Anticipate, monitor, and respond to changing circumstances
8. Standards used in organizational control are most like?
9. Secretary of Defense, Gates, shifted the Pentagon’s budget from expensive, high tech
weapon systems to timely, responsive systems. Small defense contractors were more
responsive to the change and won more contracts. In this case _______ helped the small
10. Which of the following statements describes a strength associated with budgeting?
Budgets link planning and controlling
Page 2
11. The management function at Google that assesses the management environment to set
future objectives and map out the activities to achieve these objectives is referred to as?
12. When Vegas casinos set goals, they serve all of the following purposes except?
Testing the flexibility of company resources
13. Having developed a strategic plan for General Mills, management is now ready to
implement a specific part of it. To do so they should now develop_______?
A tactical plan
14. Which of these provides the answer to the question, “what are we trying to accomplish”?
15. At Starbucks, macro approaches that establish long-term corporate wide action programs
are called?
Strategic action plans
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