PSC 2121 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: List Of Association Football Teams To Have Won Four Or More Trophies In One Season, Electric Field

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27 Apr 2016
Physical Science PSC2121
Chapter 8: Static and Current Electricity
Working Problems
1) The nucleus of an atom is charged
A) positively.
B) negatively.
C) both
D) none of the above
2) Compared to the mass of a proton, the mass of the electron is
A) very much less.
B) identical.
C) greater.
3) When you remove electrons from a metal cup, the cup becomes
A) negatively charged.
B) positively charged.
C) ionized.
4) A pair of positively-charged plastic straws tend to
A) attract each other.
B) repel each other.
C) neutralize each other.
5) A positive ion has a deficiency of
A) electrons.
B) neutrons.
C) negative ions.
6) As you comb your hair, electrons are rubbed onto the comb, which becomes
A) negatively charged.
B) positively charged.
C) ionized.
7) A difference between an insulator and a conductor is that a conductor has more
A) electrons than protons.
B) protons than electrons.
C) energy than an insulator.
D) faster moving molecules.
E) none of the above
8) One main difference between gravitational and electric forces is that electric forces
A) attract.
B) repel or attract.
C) obey the inverse-square law.
D) act over shorter distances.
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