SOP 3004 Lecture Notes - Lecture 30: Illusory Correlation, Stereotype Threat, In-Group Favoritism

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22 Apr 2016

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1. Prejudice
a. An attitude (usually negative) toward the members of some
group, based solely on their membership in the group. Individual
traits or behaviors play little role here
2. Racism
a. Is prejudiced attitudes toward a particular race
3. Stereotype
a. Generalised belief about members of a social group that
associate groups of people with certain traits. They are cognitive
frameworks consisting of knowledge and beliefs about specific
social groups that suggest that all members of such groups
possess certain traits or characteristics.
4. Discrimination
a. Harmful actions directed towards persons or groups that are the
targets of prejudice. That is, behaviours directed towards people
on the basis of their group membership. It is unequal treatment
of different people based on the groups or categories to which
they belong
5. Tokenism
a. Instances in which persons may perform trivial positive actions
for members of an out-group toward whom they feel strong
prejudice. This tokenistic behaviour is then used as an excuse to
refuse more meaningful or beneficial actions toward that group
6. Reverse discrimination
a. The tendency to evaluate or treat persons belonging to the out-
group (particularly those that are object of strong ethnic or racial
prejudice) more favorably than members of one’s own group
7. Illusory correlation
a. Seems to stem from the co-occurrence of relatively rare and
thus, distinctive events
8. Stereotype threat
a. Fear that one might confirm the negative stereotype held by
others about one’s group
9. The “ABCs” of intergroup relationships
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