GEB 1011 Lecture 26: Anika Therapeutics

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Published on 4 Apr 2016
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Organizational Culture
Anika’s leadership team creates, hones, and maintains their company’s focus and
commitment to excellence in everything they do. The tireless work of those individuals
continue to drive their growth, sucess, and shareholder value.
President and CEO — Charles H. Sherwood, Ph.D.
Chief Financial Officer — Sylvia Cheung
Chief Technology and Strategy Officer — Edward Ahn, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer — Frank Luppino
Vice pResident of Human Resources — Steven Cyr
Vice President, Commercial Operations — Ed Gaj, Jr.
Vice President of Regulatory/Clinical Affairs — Carol Pekar
Anika Therapeutics value strong discipline and exceptional focus from their personnel.
They employ lean principles and agile processes in managing our business. Their
foundation of guiding values, combined with their entrepreneurial spirit, gives Anika the
ability and fortitude to generate innovative ideas and grow their portfolio of successful
Anika believes that an individual’s feelings about their age are driven by perceptions
about the state of their body. Therefore, their products endeavor to help their patients
feel younger and remain active by delivering safe, effective and minimally invasive
treatments to manage pain, restore joint health and tissue function, and support wound
Anika holds a breakthrough regenerative product line that are currently distributed
worldwide, with expansion opportunities available in the United States, Asia, and the
Middle East. Their sights are set on growing their presence in said markets. Over 30
distributors are now authorized to offer MONOVISC or ORTHOVISC in more than 40
countries worldwide.
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Anika has earned its reputation as a very reliable performer in the industry, known for its
consistent ability to deliver solid growth and a strong pipeline of innovative product
extensions and new products to the market. They take pride in their past performance
as well as focusing on their future and opportunities in front of them.
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