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HUM 2510
David Cole

Pediment – triangular section of the facade of a classical building above a colonnade/entry way on an end wall. Somatic – Of or relating to the human body as distinct from the mind Tactile – pertaining/affecting the sense of touch. Representation – depiction of images/objects according to the way they are seen Conceptual – concerned with the ideas of some field of enquiry than with facts Intention – the reasoning and cause that the artist puts into his/her work. Site-specific – created/designed for a specific location Pictoral space – illusion of 3d space created on a flat surface Italian Renaissance (1300-1600) – a period of great cultural change and achievement in Italy Kinetic Sculpture – sculptures designed to move through space Theo Jansen – artist that specialized in creating new forms of life, which revolves around plastic yellow tubes with sails attached that run on wind as fuel. Generally takes place in beaches. Low relief – a carved/ 3d image are slightly raised above the background. A handy sculpting technique High reief – a carded/3d imaged are greatly raised above the background. Freestanding – a sculpture that is structurally independent and can be seen in all angles Pedestrial – a support/platform for indoor sculptures Plinith – a support/platform for outdoor sculptures Monumental sculpture – large sculptures that cannot be fitted into an exhibit *ex: Christo and Jean­Claude's seminal work, Running Fence, was 18 feet high and an unbelievable 24.5 miles long  as it wound its way across the California hills and down to the ocean. This monumental piece, which only remained fully  installed for 14 days, was so large it was the first artwork required to have an environmental impact statement. Found object sculpture- sculptures made based off of everyday objects Manuport- a natural object that was moved from its original context by people, but remains unmodified Paleolitic – period between where humans started to make tools and when humans started to make permanent settlements The title of this piece ­Odalisque ­ is a term that began to be used by artists in the 19  century to refer to erotic  images of women, and is derived from the Turkish word for the servants in the Sultan's harem. Aesthetic – held definitions of beauty and principle tastes/styles by people or a group. Relective Response #1 (page 6) Links to the Reflective Responses are both in the Modules and the Assignments folders. You are expected to write  150­200 words for each journal assignment. We'll begin with this idea of "functional sculpture", and imagine what it  would be like to live with and use the truly beautiful ­ and definitely functional ­ objects that you see pictured here. After carefully examining the six pieces above and considering the functional and aesthetic properties of each, which  one of the objects above would you most like to have in your home ? Discuss your choice, and what you think it would  be like to actually own and use this work of art yourself. "There are other things art can do. It can imagine the unimaginable." - conceptual sculptor Cornelia Parker Conceptual – concerned with ideas rather than imagery Exhibitions of conceptual sculpture are often accompanied with gallery text information, or didactics, that introduce the viewer to the thought process of the artist. Judy Chicago's Dinner Party is one of the most famous and influential scuptural works in recent history, and employs a combination of many different media (ceramics, painting, fibers, embroidery, glass) to honor the often overlooked history of women in Western civilization. This work became the centerpiece for the Feminist Movement of the 1970s, and continues to serve as a profound teaching tool with its powerful focus on the accomplishments of extraordinary women throughout time. This complex piece is constructed as a ceremonial banquet table in the shape of a massive open trangle 48 feet along each side, with thirty-nine place settings commemorating special female guests of honor from prehistory to the present day. A huge team of artisans worked with Judy Chicago on this piece to create the exquisite chalices and dining utensils, the sculptural and heavily decorated platters, the beautifully stitched table runners and napkins, and the enormous tile floor. The result is a visual encyclopedia of women's accomplishments, and underscores the capacity of art as political and social activism. Terms You Need To Know                                             Artists You Need To Remember pictorial space                                                              Christo and Jeanne­Claude negative space                                                                 Michelangelo kinetic sculpture                                                               Henry Moore relief                                                                               David Smith low relief                                                                         Duane Hanson high relief                                                                       Cornelia Parker freestanding                                                                   Maya Lin in the round fabrication                                                                       Important Periods in Art History pedestal                                                                         Neolithic monumental sculpture                                              Classical (Greece and Rome) tactile                                                                             Italian Renaissance manuport                                                                Modern (Europe and America) mask, masquerade realism idealism representative abstraction stylization organic geometric iconic rendering non­objective aesthetic utilitarian functional conceptual art genre Didactic memorial sculpture FGCU graduate Chris Carver is a contemporary inheritor of Nam June Paik's legacy, and in his identity as cyberpunk technosculptor 'Mr. Revrac' Carver's work reflects on a darker future in which human body parts have become fused with The Machine. African American artists have been strongly influenced by the visual and spiritual traditions of their African forebears, and in their use of mixed media appeal to similar natural and ancestral forces within the context of contemporary Western society. Bettye Saar is well known for her work in assemblagetext annotation indicator, exploring ritual and tribal objects from Africa as well as African American folk traditions. Sculpt
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